An Open Letter to Our Town Board

An Open Letter to Our Town Board
Posted on 07/27/2016

To Members of the Daleville Town Board:

The administration and staff of Daleville Community Schools are pleased and proud to serve the educational needs of the students of Daleville and Salem Township as well as approximately 400 students who have transferred to our schools from other school districts.

I am writing this letter in order clarify the position of Daleville Community Schools in regards to discussed residential development in the Town of Daleville and the greater Salem Township area. In fact, the Administration has no formal position concerning such development and would not try to guide the town’s decision regarding such development. We will rely on currently elected city officials to act in the best interest of our community when it comes to residential development and we will focus on serving the educational needs of our students (current and future) to the very best of our ability to do so.

We recognize that an increase in the number of students to our schools always represents change and believe that we will be prepared to meet the challenge of such change when, and if, it comes. We have set a capacity for our district to accept transfer tuition students from other districts that make application to us. We are committed to serving those students we have accepted through the transfer tuition process until they graduate from Daleville Junior-Senior High School or until they elect to move to another school district.

If the Daleville/Salem Township residential student population grows we will serve those students as well, giving them the best service we can provide, as we do for our current students. We continue to be committed to serve all current students (residential or transfer) at Daleville Community Schools, regardless of any future local growth in population.

We recognize that decisions regarding residential and economic development are complicated and require intense research.  We will leave such decisions in the hands of our duly elected town officials, who we believe are in a better position to make them.



Paul Garrison, Superintendent

Daleville Community Schools